Tara is a member of the Association of Reflexologists.  She started her training as she has always been interested in alternative therapies seeking them out herself.  She trained firstly in reflexology to initially look to help her mother who suffers with Parkinsons’ Disease and other members of the family and friends that she hoped would benefit from such therapy.  Her treatment of helping people cope with chronic illness and pain is very successful.

    To aid her treatments Tara has added the skill of Solestry enabling her to read the feet and bring together characteristics of her clients that they may not think are relevant or equally forgotten!  This also enables her to look at emotional issues or triggers that may contribute towards illness or simply treat emotional problems.

    She continues her acquisition of skills and is experienced, qualified and trained in infertility, maternity and post natal reflexology.  She has also added the renowned treatment by Sally Kay REFLEXOLOGY LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE to her therapies to help clients with secondary lymphoedema, primary oedema and autoimmune conditions.  She deals with chronic pain and breaking down those barriers to help people cope and deal with the stress involved in chronic painful illnesses.

    Tara is also qualified in infertility/conception, pregnancy and post natal reflexology and has many clients in this area.  Many clients enjoy a combination of treatments perhaps adding Reiki to their treatment or an Ayurvedic lymphatic facial.

    Tara is also a tutor for Phoenix Holistic and Beauty training currently teaching Level 3 City and Guilds Reflexology which is a recognised qualification with all the professional bodies including the AOR and FHT.  She is also developing other courses with Phoenix including flower remedies and Advanced reflexology.  As a Reiki Master development of courses offering Reiki Level 1, 2 and master level will be coming soon.

    Other therapies that Tara is trained and skilled in are:

    Indian Head Massage, Swedish Massage, therapeutic massage

    Homeopathy and tissue salts

    Facial reflexology and ear candling

    Fertility, pregnancy and post natal reflexology

    Bach Flower Remedies


    Trigger Therapy



    Reflexology is a complementary therapy where the feet and hands are worked on.

    Reflexology can help the body to heal.

    It is a holistic treatment taking into account mind, body and spirit

    According to Ancient History reflexology was practised in Ancient Egypt, India and China.

    Reflexology uses the thumbs and fingers to apply pressure to the feet or hands to reflex points that relate to organs, glands and systems of the body aiding healing.




    a) Client relaxation

    b) Cleansing and detoxification of the body

    c)  Promoting energy flow through the body

    d)  Can be uplifting, stimulating, relaxing, distressing

    e)  Encourages the body to heal

    f)  Gives the feeling of well being

    g)  Helps rebalance all the bodily systems

    h)  Can increase energy levels

    I)   Can provide preventative healthcare

     j)  Can help client cope with illness

     k)  Can provide effective pain relief

     l)   Building a strong relationship between therapist and client promoting trust in a completely confidential environment




    Courses available from Phoenix Holistic Beauty and Nail Training

    Click on the link and have a look.  Book your accredited course now!


    City and Guilds Level 3 Indian Head Massage blended learning package  

    Skincare and facial treatments for beginners 

    Level 2 Anatomy and Physiology 

  •  " I've just had my first reflexology treatment from Tara and what an amazing therapist she is!  ......I'd recommend her to anyone who needs calm and balance in their lives." 

    "Have seen Tara three times now and wish I'd started sooner......I wish I could take her with me to Devon. Love what she does."