Paycare is a 'not for profit' organisation and exists to help individuals, families and businesses protect themselves against everyday healthcare costs and bills. Paycare provide low cost healthcare benefits plans enabling policyholders to claim money back on a range of healthcarecosts. Paycare has been active in providing help with healthcare costs since 1874, when Factory Foremen first collected premiums to safeguard workers from doctor's bills. By 1931 an Association of more than 1,000 firms raised £25,000 for local hospitals. Today thousands of ordinary people still benefit from the protection offered by our healthcare benefits plans.

As a ‘not for profit’ organisation any surplus is divided between improving the service for our policyholders and in supporting appeals and charitable
requests, through the Paycare Charity Trust. Since its foundation in 1964, the Trust has donated almost £2,000,000 - which has helped pay for equipment and
amenities to aid the treatment and recovery of patients in hospitals, hospices and to help registered charities who offer services of a medical nature and
special needs. The Trust also aims to assist with medical research.


A healthcare benefits plan is not like expensive health insurance, it’s a simple and low cost way to reclaim money spent on everyday healthcare. The
policyholder pays a monthly premium and can then reclaim (up to annual limits) money spent on everyday health charges such as Optical, Dental, Professional
Therapies (including Reflexology) and Specialist Consultation and Tests. All policies provide access to a Counselling and Help Line and, depending on the
policy chosen, other benefits can include; payment for nights in Hospital, Health Screening, Personal Accident Cover and Hearing Aids. Important Note: Our healthcare benefits plans are classed as General Insurance and are regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA). They are ‘non-advised’ which means that although you can tell your clients about the plans you must not recommend they should apply to be policyholders. Any decision to apply for a Paycare plan must be made solely by the individual based on their own assessment of their personal needs.

Specialist Consultation and Tests, Welfare Support Service and Professional Therapy benefits, though pre-existing condition exclusions do not apply to Reflexology claims. E.g. if a client is already seeing you for a particular condition they can take out a plan and still claim on their policy under the Reflexology

Your clients can print information leaflets about each of the plans or apply online at


Healthcare benefits plans

 A healthcare benefits plan is essentially a cashback scheme whereby someone pays into the scheme over a 12 month period, and during that time they may be able to reclaim (up to a specified limit) costs of items such as dental care, optical costs, and reflexology treatments .Some providers of healthcare benefits plans such as Bupa, Paycare, Medicash and Sovereign all cover reflexology, and some, such as Paycare, have agreed to prefer to use reflexologists with HMAR, FMAR or MAR status for the provision of cash back to clients for medical treatments